What Is Bitcoin & Why Is Cryptocurrency Betting So Popular?

Bitcoin is now the hottest topic in the financial sector. Bitcoin has become a buzzword in financial circles. Numerous people and large corporations have joined the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wagon to get a piece.

The cryptocurrency space is still new and people continue to ask this question: “What’s Bitcoin really?”

For starters, bitcoin is a virtual currency that isn’t under any federal control. It can be used around the world to buy things such as your food, beverages and real estate.

Why is Bitcoin so important

Bitcoin is not vulnerable to fluctuations in the foreign currency or government control. Bitcoin is backed solely by the trust of its users.

Bitcoin transactions can be made by anyone who realizes that Bitcoin is cheaper than trying to send money overseas from one bank to the next.

A bank would charge me a fee if I wanted money to be sent to Japan or China. It could take up to a few hours to get the money there.

Bitcoin makes it easy to transfer money from any device, including my smartphone or computer. For example, if I wanted to send gold and/or silver it would take me a long time and cost me a lot of money. It’s as easy as a swipe of your finger to do it again using Bitcoin.

Why are people so excited about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the key to these situations, where money is no longer valuable or in unstable governments. The money we have now and the paper fiat currency in their wallets are worthless. It will also be worth less in a year.

Even large companies are showing interest in blockchain technology. A survey was done a few months ago among Amazon customers to find out if they are interested in cryptocurrency. The survey result showed that many respondents were very interested. Starbucks even spoke out about the potential use of a mobile app that uses blockchain technology. Walmart has applied for a patent for a smart package, which will use blockchain technology to track and authenticate the packages 바이낸스 차트.

Over our lifetime, we have seen many changes: how we shop, what movies we watch, how we listen to music, where we read books, what we buy, how we look for homes and now how much money we spend. Cryptocurrency has a future. If you have not already, it is time to study cryptocurrency in depth and learn how to profit from this growing trend that will thrive for many years to come.

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