How You Can Go About Creating Your Own MP3 Ringtone

Most people are familiar with MP3 ringtones and have them on their phones. It is difficult to get every ringtone, as many of them are the most recent and popular songs. If you find the exact ringtone that you want, you will have to pay a lot of money. What if you were able to create your very own MP3 Ringtone?

You had to have known that technology would advance to the point where you could create your very own ringtones. You can even create your own ringtones from the music on your computer. How do you start? youtube mp3

You must first ensure that your phone can store MP3 files. It is pointless to try if you cannot store MP3 songs on your cell phone. You will need to determine if your phone is capable of MP3 song storage. Next, identify the method you want to use to move songs. You can do this via Bluetooth, USB or even email.

It’s time to have some fun now that you’ve covered the basics. Select any song from your music library to make a new MP3 Ringtone. You can transfer songs from a CD to your player if you already have one. If you already have Windows Media Player, iTunes or other libraries installed on your computer you can use them.

You will then want to launch your audio editing program. Do not worry if you don’t have an audio editing software. Online, you can download a variety of audio editing programs for free. You will want to have audio editing software and also download the free LAME library.

It’s time to make your own ringtone. Your audio editing program will open the song that you wish to convert. You can now cut out any part of the song to create a ringtone. Most phones will not ring for more than 20 seconds. Click export to MP3 from the File menu once you’ve cut your ringtone.

The last thing you need to do is transfer your song from your computer to your mobile phone. You can do it via Bluetooth, USB cable or email. After a few minutes, you can save your MP3 to be the default ringer. That’s it.

They are very portable. Music can be played anywhere, including in the street, at airports, malls, parks and shopping centers. There are many brands of these players, but all have excellent memories and small size. They can store and transport a large collection of songs according to one’s taste. Downloading songs off the Internet allows you to create your own personalized music list. The songs have been compressed to save memory.